CLCA LIS - Current Booth Reservation List

Below are listed the current booth reservations for this show.

Company NameBooth Number
A-G Sod Farms, Inc.215
Allstate Landscape & Southwest Greens328
ANC Technology715
Asian Ceramics, Inc.731
Bowsmith Inc324
BrightView Tree Company315
California Air Resources Board318
CLCA Headquarters516
CLCA Insurance Solutions514
CLCA Landscape Industry Certified Technician515
CLCA Water Management Certification Program521
Corona Lighting, Inc.331
Courtesy Chevrolet335
Cuyamaca College-Ornamental Horticulture-Nursery614
Direct Edge Inc.728
Dura Plastic Products, Inc.713
Eagle Spec Sales Group431
Eagle Spec Sales Group531
EHSI Fleet Services327
Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply735
Flyers Energy522
Focus Industries, Inc.528
Glenn B. Dorning, Inc.535
Great Plains Industries231
Green Industry Hall of Fame218
Gro-Power, Inc.513
GrowUp GreenWalls420
Heartland Payment Systems524
Hendrickson Bros.325
Hill Grow, Inc.714
IAPMO Group326
Imperial Sprinkler Supply, Inc.113
Infaco USA, Inc.429
Jain Irrigation717
James G Parker Insurance Associates424
K-Rain Manufacturing616
Kellogg Garden Products613
Landscape Contractors Insurance Services, Inc.213
Landscape Industry Show741
Landscape Industry Show813
Landscape Industry Show831
Landscape Industry Show835
Landscape Industry Show841
Landscape Industry Show617
Landscape Industry Show623
Landscape Industry Show716
Landscape Industry Show719
Landscape Industry Show722
Landscape Industry Show737
Landscape Industry Show739
Landscape Industry Show815
Landscape Industry Show817
Landscape Industry Show818
Landscape Industry Show819
Landscape Industry Show821
Landscape Industry Show823
Landscape Industry Show825
Landscape Industry Show827
Landscape Industry Show829
Landscape Industry Show836
Landscape Industry Show837
Landscape Industry Show838
Landscape Industry Show839
Landscape Industry Show914
Landscape Industry Show916
Landscape Industry Show918
Landscape Industry Show920
Landscape Industry Show922
Landscape Industry Show924
Landscape Industry Show926
Landscape Industry Show928
Landscape Industry Show936
Landscape Industry Show938
Marsan Turf & Irrigation Supply, Inc.419
Maxijet Inc.223
Milfelds' Nursery, Inc.631
Mobile Create USA, Inc323
Monterey Bay Nursery, Inc.628
Moon Valley Nursery235
Oak Landscape Lighting by ELRAM, Inc.620
Oak Landscape Lighting by ELRAM, Inc.622
Permaloc Corporation428
Prime Line319
PRO Landscape by Drafix Software414
Pura Vida221
Purchase Green421
Purchase Green423
Rain Bird Corp.607
Rainbow Treecare Scientific Advancements426
Renewable Fiber, Inc.618
Renewal by Andersen526
Responsive Drip Irrigation809
Reynolds Buick Gmc Isuzu721
Reynolds Buick Gmc Isuzu723
Reynolds Buick Gmc Isuzu725
Reynolds Buick Gmc Isuzu727
Reynolds Buick Gmc Isuzu729
Reynolds Buick Gmc Isuzu820
Reynolds Buick Gmc Isuzu822
Reynolds Buick Gmc Isuzu824
Reynolds Buick Gmc Isuzu826
Reynolds Buick Gmc Isuzu828
S & S Seeds320
S & S Seeds322
Senninger Irrigation, Inc.321
ShelterWorks Ltd.418
Sims Tree Health Specialists, Inc.214
Sims Tree Health Specialists, Inc.216
SiteOne Landscape Supply505
Smith Pipe & Supply, Inc.425
SnapFence LLC316
Sonsray Machinery, Authorized CASE CE Dealer313
Southland Sod Farms416
Spiio, Inc.529
Sunrise Nursery llc329
Superior Soil Supplements527
Sustainable Northwest Wood422
The Toro Co.413
The Toro Co.415
The Toro Co.417
Things Green217
Things Green219
Tri-C Organics a dba of Tri-C Enterprises, LLC629
Trinity Equipment Inc241
Turf Star635
West Coast Equipment, Inc.619
West Coast Equipment, Inc.621
West Coast Equipment, Inc.718
West Coast Equipment, Inc.720
West Coast Turf615
Western Chapter ISA525

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